Everything you need to know about the American Express Platinum Credit Card

Everything you need to know about the American Express Platinum Credit Card

With the Amex Platinum Card you have access to the following types of lounges:

American Express Centurion lounges.
Delta Sky Club lounges.
Priority Pass Select lounges.
Escape Lounges - The Centurion Studio Partner.
Airspace lounges.
Plaza Premium lounges.
Lufthansa lounges.
Other Global Lounge Collection partner lounges.American Express states that you'll have access to more than 1,400 airport lounges across 140 countries. This is more than what any other card offers.

What we ❤️

The quality of the lounges is excellent.
The food offered at the Centurion Lounges is locally influenced dishes.

Bottom Line

If you're all about the travel, this card makes sense. But if you're not into travelling all that much, you might like to look at other cards that Amex has to offer.

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