Everything you need to know about the Apple Card

Everything you need to know about the Apple Card

When Apple announced the launch of their credit card back in 2019, it caused quite the stir. Promising 0 annual fees, 3% cash back on Apple purchases and 2% cash back on everything else, this card seemed too good to be true. But behind all the knight in shining armour, is this card the right one for you?

Apple claims that this card is accepted in over 70% stores across the US including ones like Target, McDonald's and carries no foreign transaction fees given that it is powered by Mastercard.In case you forget paying your cards, you also won’t be charged a penalty but don’t mix that up with the additional interest that you’ll have to pay in case you miss that payment. In addition to these benefits, launched in April 2021, Apple card gives its users the ability to share one card account with up to five other people. So basically, you and your family can all tap into the benefits.But are there any downsides to this potentially awesome seeming card?

The 2% promised cash back on purchases comes with its set of terms. In order to be eligible, you would need to use Apple Pay. The physical card earns you just 1% back on purchases and that’s not included when you get the card. If you’d like the physical card, you’ll have to fill out another application form.When it comes to traveling, the card isn’t all that handy. The rewards fall short as against their competitors and you might also find that using them for everyday purchases aren’t very convenient. So does the card pass its test in metal? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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